December 2, 2017

"bill binns is the machine shop to go to especially if u have some custom specs going on with ur motor work. brought my 72 chevy nova in he figured it out immediately what was wrong with my hotrod got the parts in a timely manner n fixed the problem and she ran like a champ he even clued me in on what oil to run in it n that made it really sound strong....thanx bill ur the man"
November 9, 2017

"Great service, helpful, reasonable price, know their stuff."
November 8, 2017

"If anyone is looking for a trusted mechanic these guys are it! I was recommended to them when I changed the battery on my car and afterword when you put it in gear it would stall out. I called many people who wanted to have me tow the car to them so they could run diagnostics. Bill Binns shop told me it was an anti theft program and that I needed to reset the ECU. They explained how and that I would need to drive it on the freeway for 15 minutes after and around town for 10 minutes to re program everything. I did what they said and it worked. They saved me hundreds of $$$. I know, without a doubt, they are not here to rip anyone off, they are honest, kind and most of all trustworthy. Any future needs I will be seeing them!"
October 12, 2017

"Justin Bailey"
September 16, 2017

"This is a machine shop who also rents some U-Haul vehicles. It is not a full-service U-Haul location. But they were nice and got me what I needed."